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We can also provide Security Guards for private residences and private events, to protect you, your family, your friends as well as your property and assets.
Our highly efficient Security Guards can also act as concierge’s – if you require a friendly, yet strong presence to protect the physical security of your property, assets, staff and guests, our Security Guards are the perfect solution. Our Security Guards will not only maintain a strong physical presence to deter and detect criminal activity, they can also:

  • Greet guests and staff and assisting with any enquiries
  • Monitor the arrival of staff/ guests and ensure the safety and security of the building
  • Provide security outside of the building and notify the proper authorities if staff/ guest safety is of concern
  • Respond to emergencies such as fire alarms or first aid request, maintaining order and assisting staff/ guests to follow proper procedures to ensure safety
  • Answer the telephone and assist with queries where possible
  • Signing in of guests/ staff and contractors

Who are we

Kestrol Security is an innovative leader in the security industry because we provide a range of services that is unparalleled.

We deliver security solutions for private, commercial, corporate, local government and industry clientele. We have established strong relationships with many high profile organisations through exceptional customer service, high quality of personnel and a sound understanding of unique client requirements.

We provide safety to our client’s property and their valuables. We know that you need Security Guards for very important reasons. You must be able to count on your security personnel and be confident in their ability to perform their duties. If you can’t, then they are useless to you and your business.




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